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Spiritual Warfare

At age 18 I joined the Marines and was stationed to Camp Pendleton CA where I spent my down time giving spiritual counseling, ministering, casting out demons. I worked with many women who suffered from sexual abuse [as I am a healed victim myself].

While in CA I helped build up a new kindling church. We then moved to Texas where I continued the same work in ministry, but also joined an intercessor team that met and prayed for hours every morning. That lead to those of us in that group starting a home church in the home of the elders, which lead to, and where I was part a of, the ground building of that church, which I hear still meets today!


Later I moved back to Connecticut and had multiple positions in a large church for seven years. There I served as a licensed minister; spiritual counseling; a women’s group leader; taught in the School of Leaders on many subjects with great focus on Spiritual Warfare. I also served as the Children’s Director [pastor] and when needed cast out demons.

Jodi LoDolce

Saved at age 11, filled with Holy Spirit at age 15.

At age 15, My Pastor saw a calling on my life, and I was told to seek God. After seeking God and praying, God gave me Luke 4:18-19 to confirm His calling.

It was then I began training with my pastor who taught me how to preach and teach and gave me a position in the church where I began to speak in large state meetings regarding "Track Ministry" in New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.


My Calling as a Prophet


In my 20's, God began to send elders and members of my church to share with me that God had a call in my life as a Prophet.

One of those instances was when the Lord instructed one of our elders to deliver groceries to me. When I answered the door, she told me, “God sent me to give you this and He said I would get a prophet's reward.". I had no idea what that meant at the time.


As a child, I had always functioned in all prophetic giftings such as, and most importantly, seeing Jesus, hearing from the Father, seeing Angels and demons, words of knowledge and having knowledge of spiritual things. I did not really recognize the calling, - it was just part of who I was.


In my 40's, I was working in full time ministry as a woman's cell group leader, ordained minister, and instructor and children's director (Pastor) in the school of leaders. At that time, I was called to someone's home to cast out demons out of a girl who was troubled. Upon walking in the door, the demon cried out to me, "You're not a Prophet!!!" I did not reply. Then he said, "You're not a warrior!!!" We just stared at each other for a few seconds then I said, "It's not about me, it's about Jesus! Then the demon began screaming and ran away but he and the others were successfully casted. That night on the way home, the scripture came to my mind, "satan is a liar and there is no truth in him!" That is when it hit me, I am a Prophet and a Warrior!!! Finally, I began to understand what the elders were trying to tell me all those years ago. I laughed and said, “Father, thank you for the confirmation and I will now accept the office and walk in it”.


Thus far, I have not recorded prophetic words in writing but have created a few videos instead. It was natural for me to live day to day in the prophetic. However, in recent days, I feel the Father is requiring me to begin keeping track of all He is conveying to me in video, writing and sharing exhortation when needed.

Digital connections

Eventually, my ministry moved to online resources where God connected me with Whistleblower heroes Field McConnell, & Cody Snodgres.

I’ve been blessed to be connected to and on platforms like;

- GoodDog/QBits, where we are currently doing a series on Spiritual Warfare

- Interviewed with Cody Snodgres

- Guest on The McFiles

- The Reveal Report

- Crowd Source the Truth with Cody Snodgres & Ole Dammegard

- Featured on RedPill78


I’ve been invited to the David Zublick platform still in scheduling at the time of this writing and was blessed to spent ten minutes sharing on the Rush Limbaugh radio show with Rush himself [interview posted here].


 I work extremely hard as a warrior to do spiritually what I can in warfare and educate people to help protect children from ritual abuse and trafficking. 

Fun Facts:  I have been retweeted a few times by President Trump and thanked personally for a video I made about Gen. Flynn, by Gen. Flynn and members of his family.

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